If you want your wedding theme to be Renaissance, Medieval, Fantasy, or even based upon your favorite TV show or movie, Ravenswood Leather has the inspiration and advice you need to make your vision a reality. We offer custom embroidery on most of our products to make your wedding decor memorable.

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From Leather Wedding Gowns, Dresses, and Jerkins to custom-embroidered leather ring pillows, Ravenswood Leather will help you find the perfect wedding style for your special day.

Ravenswood Leather Wedding

Shining Knights Wedding

Wedding Bodice

New Family

fairy tale wedding

Fairy Tale Wedding

Pirate Wedding

Pirate Wedding

Celtic Wedding

Celtic and Kilts Wedding

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Celtic Wedding

King & Queen Embroidered Leather Wedding Gown Dress and Jerkin

King & Queen Wedding


Pirate Wedding

Robin Hood Medieval Wedding Custom Leather Surcoat

Karina Davis

fairy tale wedding

Stacey Smith