We Care, and it shows in everything we do.

Here’s a small sample of the testimonials we have received over the years, and if want to read even more glowing reviews, head to the Ravenswood Leather Facebook Page and see over 400 more.

Have we gone above and beyond for you? Add your story to our ever growing collection.

Kelly Griffin

Just got my Saberist bodice in the mail, it’s wonderful! Thanks so much!

Ashley Chapman

My husband gave me a beautiful leather coat from you all, and it is absolutely stunning. The craft work is amazing, and I have ordered several more items since then; your work is so wonderful! I also have to give you two thumbs up for your excellent customer service. I enjoy ordering things from you; you are so professional and friendly! Thanks, Ravenswood Leather!

Mike J

I have ordered the 4″ Warrior’s belt and I have to say that this is the best leather belt set up money can buy!!! The D-Ring system is great! The quality is superb and customer service is excellent!!! I will never buy another ring belt again!

James Waggoner

I really want to thank you guys for the custom Wonder Woman costume. I saw a replica of it at Gencon and immediately thought of a friend of mine. You guys said you could do it and get it to Canada by Halloween and you did it with time to spare. Thank you so much. I appreciate your patience and willingness to make changes here and there. You made it a very easy experience and I’ve already referred one person to your site’s who’s seen it. Steam Punk Wonder Woman looked wonderful. Thanks again!! Pura Vida!!


Hey there, I just wanted to tell you guys that I’m diggin’ the updated site navigation. Not enough people give feedback for this kind of thing. After having some part in creating a few websites myself, its easy for me to appreciate the changes that you’ve made – they are definitely for the better! Anyhow, just wanted to pass along my opinion. Sometimes the smaller or more tedious changes are those that are most needed – thanks for going the extra mile and making browsing a breeze!

Tom Hafele

Wanted to take the time to tell all invovled with my order a hearty thank you! My Knight’s Jerkin and Swordmans Pants came in perfect condition and fit like a glove! The quality and workman ship of both are outstanding!

I had the chance to wear the jerkin to our local Olde English Faire and it received numerous comments and requests for photos! (I would like to think it was me..but alas I know better!) Many requests as to where it came from were asked so I hope you get some new customers from it!

Again, to you and your staff, thank you for a job well done!


Just received my bow glove today in the mail, had to contact customer service and they really knew their stuff when we talked a few times and helped me order the right size. Fits great around my wrist, the fingers are a little snug and had a tough time getting it on and off the first time, but I’m sure after some use it’ll get easier. Have not had a chance to use it with a bow yet since my bow that I intend on using with this has not arrived yet.

Cristi Bocci

Opened up a Christmas present today and it was the dress I ordered a couple of months ago. You guys sure had a sneaky plan with my Grandma ♥ I love it so much, it’s beautiful and I can’t wait to wear it!!!!!!

Eric Leonard

I have owned the Huntsman Jerkin for many years. It STILL looks and feels new.
Despite my increased weight, some people even say it looks good on me still.
I recommend Ravenswood to anyone who listens.
Keep it up y’all. Ill be buying more from you later.

Phil Mcdaniel

I got the best boots and leather slacks a pirate could ever want.

Tony and Ryan

Reginald Hastings
Ravenswood Leather

Dear Mr. Hastings:

I ordered a Jerkin for my younger cousin, Ryan, who is 19, as a gift for him. He collects swords and wanted to dress up for Halloween as a

When the jerkin arrived, we were both blown away at the quality and craftsmanship of the jerkin. The custom fit was perfect
and it made him very happy, which was my goal!

I just wanted to send you a picture of his finished outfit ensemble to see for yourself how well he looked. (his girlfriend took these pictures)

Thanks so much for producing and selling such quality products!


Tony Edwards

Ryan Ballew

Coral A. E.


I recently placed an order with Ravenswood and almost immediately felt the need to change it. I was unsure of color combinations and really wanted to make sure I got it right. I absolutely love your craftsmanship and I had been lusting over your products since the days I lived in Texas and saw you at the Texas Renaissance Faire. I really didn’t want to end up with a beautiful but wasted piece by being uneducated on leather colors and textures.

Peter Stewart handled my order, after an initial response from Deelani, and he was absolutely amazing! I’m sure I wasn’t the most difficult customer in the world, but I did make the poor man run back and forth to take seemingly endless photos of swatches in different light and in different pairings. Through all of it, he never once expressed frustration or annoyance for what I was asking of him. In fact, he reassured me at every step along the way that he was happy to assist and even went above and beyond to take shots of finished pieces illustrating the many shade variations of Bomber Brown. After many rounds of emails (30+) and what seemed like countless photos (20+), I came to the solid conclusion that solid and classic is a safe choice for a first time buyer.

Even though what I will end up with will seem fairly simple and straightforward to most, to me it will feel bespoke and personally-crafted because of the effort that Peter went through to help me come to my decision. A thousand people could have the exact same piece in the exact same color with the exact same details, but mine will always be unique because I saw the care and guidance that goes into helping each customer create what they envision.

I usually go seriously full-throttle in my costuming (Ranger, Elven, Steampunk, you name it!) and tend to get a ton of “Where did you get that?!?” questions, and I can’t wait to be able to hype the craftsmanship and phenomenal customer service of Ravenswood Leather at my next event. Make sure to include business cards in all of your shipments so all your fangirls and boys can pass them out to admiring inquirers!

Randy Young

I just received my Musketeer boot straps and my large bottle holder with baldric strap. The colors are fantastic! I will be ordering more stuff in the near future. Great Job!!!


I rarely write a review for a company unless they really astonish me, and this is *exactly* what Ravenswood Leather has done. I contacted them just merely a week before a major event of mine with a last minute order and they accommodated my request to the best of their ability so that it arrived when I needed it. The product arrived in pristine condition with an accessory and I was amazed. It was the perfect addition to my costume and everyone loved it. Needless to say, I was the only person at the party to have a genuine costume; many thanks to the boys and gals at Ravenswood Leather!

Ericka Kinnell

I purchased the Sands Dagger, Medieval Dagger-Elite and the Deer/Cord Archery Glove for Christmas presents and their workmanship was absolutely stunning! The guys who received them were beyond thrilled! Thank you so much for your amazing work!


One day I was literally sketching on a napkin and started looking through Google pictures for ideas, and came up with some pictures to take to Reg. He looked at them and said, “Nope – that won’t work.” He then showed how I need3ed splits in the coat for movement, and my baldric design wouldn’t hold what I wanted. “BUT – I CAN do THIS…” and together we created the most bad-ass custom Slayers’ Coat, Hat, and Baldric ever. He took the time to prototype in paper cutouts, then we incorporated all kinds of custom “tweeks” that made it unique, made it beautiful, and made it MINE. If you can dream it, he’ll build it. Remember: you’re getting gear, not a costume!

Shawna M

I ordered two of the bow gloves, as I shoot both left and right handed on a traditional Mongolian horsebow. These gloves are fantastic and after 5 months and a tonne of shooting, they still look brand new. The gloves were a little snug the first few times I wore them but have relaxed and are incredibly comfortable now.
I had originally ordered a size to large but when I contacted the vendor there was no problem for me to change the order a day in.
Great product, customer service and shipping to Canada. I won’t hesitate to purchase from them again.


At the Highland games in enumclaw wa I found out about Ravenswood leather for the first time, I was just drooling over the Ranger full dresses. I seriously wanted one but I definetly didn’t have the budget for $500 in one swing.
While I was looking at it a wonderful and charming woman insisted I try it on because I was practically petting to gorgeous leather, once she got me into it I fell in love even more and she told me about layaway possibilities. She even allowed me to set the pace for my payments and she answered every question i had in detail and with confidence.
I am now looking forward to wearing my ravenswood Ranger dress soon!

John Davis

Do you have any idea how rare it is to have an item, on which you requested custom this, and specialty that arrive precisely on time and with absolutely zero issues? It’s rare, but Ravenswood just wowed me with exactly that. If they pay that much attention to a simple $9.00 dirk frog, I can only imagine the attention they pay on higher end items. You have won my business and I will be recommending you to all my fellow bagpipers who will certainly be asking where I scored the righteous frog. Thank you and keep up the great work!

David Dodd

I received my Sherwood Archer Bracer and I am very impressed. Not only does it look great but it feels perfect. As a barebow archer feel is what it is all about.

Heading out to the range to test it this afternoon. Thankyou for a great piece of equipment.

Marshall P.

Everyone was so friendly. It was my first faire and these guys were a large part of making it amazing. Thank you guys, seriously.

Samm, KO Cosplay

I’ve been buying my leather accessories and even full pieces for cosplay from Ravenswood Leather for years and I wouldn’t DREAM of getting leather anywhere else. Not only is the staff at Ravenswood helpful and able to handle customization, but they are so timely, so helpful and I’ve never ever been disappointed in the quality of their products, which I’ve worn countless times and beaten up from convention to convention and they’re still going strong like the day they were shipped to me.
Thank you Ravenswood!

Karl Wolff

This happened on Christmas last year, but I am just NOW getting around to posting here. I was out with the family for Christmas dinner at a Chinese Place and I was wearing my Ravenswood Leather Santa Hat with the Skull and Crossed Candy Canes. Out of NOWHERE some guy comes running over to my table saying “DUDE, That Hat is EPIC.. Where did you get it?” I PROUDLY told him Ravenswood Leather at the Texas Renaissance Festival.

Deanna Krahn Sarkar

We are still on a major high from our shopping haul yesterday. Thank you for making such beautiful, wearable art, and for being so cool and fun!

Nina M.

I have taken this month to put together my dream ensemble, and wanted to make sure that I would get the custom belts and pouches from Ravenswood on time. One quick call later, I placed my order and received all items only four days later. Great and prompt service – will definitely recommend and continue shopping!


I ordered a kestrel jerkin, a ranger hood, an elite warrior belt, and bracers from Ravenswood Leather’s website. All of the items, which shipped much sooner than I expected, are works of art and look even better than in the photos. Beyond a doubt, the pieces are worth every penny. And I am very confident you will not find better customer service anywhere else. Very highly recommended.

J. Baker

I heard about Ravenswood through a friend who ordered a top a few years back and I finally ordered something for myself back in June 2012 (It is now August 2012). I ordered a custom made Harem Bodice that would feature the same hood as the Saberist Bodice. During the entire process of planning and ordering my top, Ravenswood Leather provided top-notch and speedy customer service. They were ready to answer any and every question that I had and would respond the same day that I asked. After placing the order, I was told that it would take approximately five to ten weeks to create and man was it worth the wait! My top came in the mail via UPS in a well packaged box and when I opened the box to view the top it was absolutely stunning!

The leather is thick but very soft and comfortable to wear. It fits my small build perfectly while leaving a little bit of breathing room so that I won’t get hot as fast while running around in the sun. My personal top features the black leather as well as the renaissance burgundy and they are absolutely gorgeous! The burgundy looks to me like a redish-brown, which is perfect for my time period at the renaissance faire. The top is incredibly stitched and appears to be able to handle any wear and tear that I put into it! The lace that binds everything together to tighten it up seems to be made of nylon and looks very nice in my opinion; I will probably leave them in until they wear out. The hood lies beautifully flat when down and when it is up it frames the face perfectly.

This top is everything that I wanted and more! Plus, as a little bonus gift, Ravenswood added in a bonus mini-drawstring pouch that features the same colors as my top and looks like it could hold a smaller phone (It wouldn’t fit my android), money/ID/debit card, or even some medieval coins if you would prefer. Thanks again Ravenswood leather for your amazing service! I will most definitely be ordering again!

Elena, Wolfen Dancer/Crew of the Sea Demon

I have been purchasing from here over the last few years. Everything is done with amazing quality and craftsmanship. And if you are looking for custom work, this is the place to go! My fiance and I have commissioned a number of projects and will continue to do so in the future.

You guys are the best!!

Erik Henson

I’ve now made 3 purchases from Ravenswood and I know that I will be doing business here again, and again! Their products have stood the test of time (4 years for my Gondor series bracers) and have been used heavily while sparring with training swords.

I stand by Ravenswood. I have, and will recommend Ravenswood to all my friends and relatives who have an interest in their products.


I have had several orders from here. They have all been great quality. I was surprised by how fast such intricate work could be done. This is a wonderful group! Thanks so much for everything!


I purchased one of the Ravenswood Leather baldrics at the Rogue Renaissance Festival in 2011 and found it to be of the finest quality leather and nickel metal. It has held up magnifcently over the past year despite the constant weight of my sword. The gentleman that sold it to me knew exactly what I was looking for, and he picked out the perfect item. I couldn’t ask for better service or quality of workmanship.

Nathaniel Westfall, WestfallCORP

I have received two out of the three of my orders. All the items are great quality. I love Ravenswood!

Ethan Toes

I absolutely love the Knights shirt I bought, it fits perfect and is very comfortable during the Summer festivities! Thanks

Jacob Sudds, Pirates of the Bleeding Maiden

I recently ordered a full-length, custom Captain’s Coat from the artisans of Ravenswood. It finally came in the other day and it was well worth the wait. IT IS PERFECTION. It is exactly what I wanted and so much more. Before ordering a product for myself from them I already had a high opinion of their work. Now, Ravenswood Leather is THE go to for any of my RenFare needs. A 10/10 does not do this company justice. Highly professional, very accommodating, and impeccable craftsmanship. THREE CHEERS FOR RAVENSWOOD!!!

Adrienne H.

I can’t say enough good things about these guys and their products- not only do they do fabulous work, but they were also very helpful and kept me updated throughout the process and creation of my order.

I just wore my Ranger dress and Sherwood bracer to our Renaissance festival, and I can’t tell you how many people came up saying how awesome it looked, and asking where they could get theirs! I was only too happy to refer them back to you. The quality of the pieces is top notch and it’s extremely comfortable to wear (I didn’t want to take it off at the end of the day!). I could have asked for a more perfect outfit.

Thanks a ton for all the beautiful work, and the awesome customer support! You guys are great!

Acacia Schmidt

Just got my amazing Saberist bodice in the mail! It fits great, and it’s so comfortable! Thank you guys so much! ♥ :D

Anne Campbell

I absolutely love your products, everything is quality and so far has been very durable. I’m looking forward to buying from you again.


Michelle, Peter, and Reginald worked with me personally via email and phone to not only make me a customer order to my exact specifications, but got it to me blindingly fast (I had an event and needed a specialized belt for it on short notice). The entire crew was cordial, professional, and kind — I’ll be certain to not only give Ravenswood Leather my future business but send as many customers as I can their way.

Thanks again, y’all!

Wes Ludlow

I am awestruck! I ordered a Jerkin (vest)for my daughter’s midieval wedding, and did not expect to get it until maybe the week before i needed it, and I got my order in less than a week!
It is wonderfully crafted and stunning to behold!

Thank You!

Mandy Wu

Ranger Short Dress- I am super tiny, I could never find dress that fits me perfect, but Ravenswood’s measurement is dead on, didnt expect it to be quite so tight but as tight as it is, even tho it look like I cant breath, its very very comfortable. I got it surprisingly fast, less than a week, and the quality of the dress is beyond amazing. I been just wearing it around the house all day since I got it, cant wait for Ren Fest!!!!

Andrew Jarvis

We ordered a “Kings Pouch” with an embroidered red cross to carry medical supplies for fairs and festivals. It arrived today and far exceeded our every expectation! Thank you so much!


I just recently picked up a version of the Ravens tail with hood. Im extraordinarily pleased and plan to use it for a jedi/sith garb. I absolutely love it. ^_^ I’m certainly going to make a few more orders in the future.

Bree Bee

Dear Ravenswood Leather,

I just got my order of a bolero and huntress bodice. They fit perfectly and they are absolutely beautiful! Thank you to everyone who was so nice and friendly processing my order and thanks for your patience with helping me with measurements. You create beautiful things. I absolutely love my pieces. =D

Jacob Ebelhar

I ordered a baldric and leather pouch during their busiest season and was concerned about receiving my item on time. A quick phone call resulted in some of the most courteous customer service I’ve experienced with a company and assurance I would have my order by when I needed it. Not only did my order arrive two full week before I had requested it, but the quality of work is just astounding! Ravenswood Leather will definitely be my first stop in the future for any leather needs I have!!


Well, I just got my Ravenswood Leather gear in. I opted for the Huntsman’s Jerkin and Hooded Mantle with Dagged Hood. I also added a small pouch for my cellphone (as if I did not have enough pouches). I was suprised at the turn-around on it. Only 10 days from ordering to reciept for total customization to my size.

It arrived last evening via Fed Ex. It was well packaged and in perfect condition upon reciept. Suprisingly, Ravenswood included ANOTHER small free bonus pouch – a nice touch. The bonus pouch is large enough to hold a cellphone itself, and though not equipped with a belt loop – it will safeguard any odds and ends I want to keep seperate in one of my larger pouches or serve to keep extra money or small items tucked inside my boot cuff.

The leather Ravenswood is a slightly thicker grade than your typical faire vendor. Also, their stitching seems to be superior – everything looks like its been stitched 4 seperate times with quality waxed thread. The fittings are rock solid, riveted through the leather rather than being sewn on. The details are amazing – the leather has a rich natural grain and the nickle-silver buttons have delicate engraved Wytherin-style reliefs. The mandarin collar on the surcoat is nice and stiff to hold its form, but not uncomfortable. Movement in the leather is exceptionally comfortable, as the leather is thicker grade – yet the interior is very soft, akin to deer hide or chamois.

The cut is nice and roomy, yet still flattering on me (something that my regular uniform is not – LOL). It’s tailor made, not generically sized, but still one wonders about ordering stuff made to fit. This does fit and I am quite happy with it.

I took a few pics this morning, I was so excited to try it on. I felt like an evil character from a AD&D adventure back in my college days. I did not choose a historical basis for this leather – I was just going for a generic bad guy look. I think this leather works. Assassin, mercenary, disguised noble, bad sheriff, thug, or executioner – this getup fits the bill for all descriptions one could use. This is my alternate wear for when the armor gets to hot down here in the Dirty South.

I am really pleased with the high quality of Ravenswood Leather and their quick turnaround time. I am highly impressed and would recommend them to anyone seeking leather clothing in the near future!


My husband and I really wanted to buy matching Ranger outfits for this year, but we couldn’t order them until mid-September for our trip in October. Imagine our surprise and joy when we received them in time to wear!!! This team has remarkable customer service, and an awesome turnaround time. Thank you so much Ravenswood, for making our trip to TRF that much cooler!!

Mark Hollenbaugh

I bought a custom made set of Armour from Ravenswood back in early 2000. To this day it still looks as good as the day I got it. It is the pride of my collection and will be for many more years to come. You can not go wrong buying anything from Ravenswood, the quality of their products and service is like no other and you will not be disappointed.

Chris Williams

I ordered a ranger Jerkin with custom length.I have never been so impressed with anything in my life. Ravenswood customer service is the best I’ve ever encountered. The craftsmanship of my Jerkin is awe inspiring. My order got here a whole month earlier than I expected! Overall the best experience I have ever had with any company ever. I can’t say enough great things about this place. I will definitely be ordering much more from Ravenswood!

Janet Nicole LeGaye

I received the BIG black coat I ordered as an anniversary gift for my husband. It fits him beautifully and he loves it! Thanks guys! We are always impressed with your work!

Ivriann H. Hartung

I ordered a children’s Knight Jerkin for myself, as I happen to prefer the masculine styles, and I’m too small for the men’s normal sizing. I have to say, I love it! The quality is awesome, the leather and stitching are durable. The weight of it feels good to wear, and it helps keep quite a bit of heat in when it’s cold out. I’m so pleased with it, that I’m planning on ordering another one, in different colors. Although, I’d love to see a couple of the other men’s jerkin styles downsized for children too. Like the Ranger and Kestrel jerkins for instance. Keep up the good work!

James H.

I absolutely love the Pirate’s Baldric and the Artemis Bracers I ordered. The quality of work is fantastic and both items are extremely comfortable! I look forward to shopping at your site again, thank you so much!

Brandi Flanagan

I bought some long cuff deer gloves from ya’ll back in 2007, they are still going strong!

Dan Sarkar

So while wandering the floors at ECCC, many people came up to me and identified my leathers as Ravenswood handiwork…..
I’d ask “How did you know?”
And they’d give me various reasons as to how and why the items are so identifiable :)…..all this to say, Ravenswood Leather is awesome.
One patron even walked closely behind me and commented on how AWESOME my leathers smelled…..which is true…..Awesome Leather smells awesome. ♥

Anthony De Vito Jr

My latest order was waiting for me when I got home last night and I’m impressed at the quality. I immediately put on my Warrior Belt and found that I will need a bit of planning to get everything positioned just right. The Large Privateer Pouch is HUGE! It looks like it can carry the contents of both my current pouches and still have as much room left over, so I probably won’t need the ‘Elite’ feature of my belt. Good work, people!


I ordered a womens Sherwood Bracer. The quality of the leather and the fit of the bracer are both amazing. Also, I was given an up to 3 month wait on the bracer as it takes time to make, and surprisingly received it only 3 weeks after placing the order. I am extremely pleased, and my husband is very jealous that he didn’t get one. All my archery related leather goods will be purchased through Ravenswood. Thank you!

Little Archer

I ordered the archers bracer last-minute for Christmas for my boyfriend, and it made it in plenty of time! He loves how it looks and feels, and it’s the first arm guard that actually leaves him without a bruise or a welt after shooting! Customer service was great and super helpful. I am definitely going to order one for myself!

Dan S.

Can I give a rating higher then 10?

Many moons ago my wife and I stumbled upon Reginald & company at Portland comic con when the sweet aroma of fine leather called us from afar.
Our eyes spotted a long flowing dress with exquisite scale armour on one of their mannequins and without hesitation a choice was made…
My wife tried said dress on and was immediately transformed into the warrior Elf maiden she was born to be, with the help of Reginald’s expert accessory help.
While making adjustments and fitting, I personally perused the other garments and found a Ranger jerkin that I was immediately smitten with as it gave me an idea for a custom cosplay idea.

In what we both recall as a total blur we found ourselves fully decked out in what is arguably the most exquisite custom leather work we have ever had the privilege of wearing/owning, and so our relationship with Ravenswood began.

Since then we have acquired many more items to add to our collection including some custom 1 off items. Reginald is an artist of exceptional skill and passion and his work is easily recognizable. We have attended conventions where attendees have approached us and asked “Is that Ravenswood?…………THOUGHT SO”

I can’t praise Ravenswoods quality and craftsmanship enough as it truly is WEARABLE ART.
The “dress that started it all” is on display in our home when it’s not being worn because it’s shame to hide something this beautiful in a mere closet.

Reginald and his staff are joy to work with and it’s always a pleasure to see them whenever our paths cross.

Should you be fortunate enough to find their booth at a con or Ren Faire, I highly encourage you to stroll through their inventory and be swept away in imagination, you won’t be disappointed.

Dan ‘n Deanna

Shamus McLeod

We got our order in today. The quality of the merchandise is unsurpassed in our 15+ years of attending Renaissance festivals. We love it all!

TJ McDonnell

A huge thank you to Ravenswood Leather for the Ranger’s Jerkin. I’ve been getting a ton of compliments all festival. It not only looks awesome but I can move in it with no problems.

Hans Bellinger

I finally pulled the “bowstring” and released and purchased the Ranger Short Jerkin and added the optional sleeves…
Though a bit pricy – I 100% now believe in “you get what you pay for”. After about 7 weeks my custom Jerkin arrived today and I am astounded at the quality and craftsmanship put into the garment. Well worth both the waiting and price. I doubt I’ll ever need to purchase another Jerkin.

Thank you Ravenswood!

Melanie Boney

I received my custom order a few days ago and I am super pleased and very happy!
The fit and quality was great!
Everything was perfect from beginning to end. I received excellent customer service, everyone I spoke with was very helpful and didn’t mind answering my questions. Not only that but I received my order much earlier than expected!!!!! This was first time ordering from Ravenswood Leather but it won’t be my last!
Thanks Ravenswood Leather!!!
Great Job!!!!

Laura- from Utah

I wanted to thank you for the AMAZING rush job you did on our all-white Brotherhood Raven Jerkin and pants. I can’t tell you what a relief it was to have found your website. Incredible quality and fit! You more than delivered on time, you delivered EARLY!!! All I can say is WOW…Thank you so much. I will recommend you to anyone and everyone I know looking for beautiful high quality leather garments.

The Cat Lady

I just posted a link here from my own page. Whenever I wear one of my Ravenswood dresses I get compliments and questions. It’s also comfortable and easy to wear, which might sound odd, but it’s important when you’re on stage. With just a little maintenance, Ravenswood gear stays looking sharp year after year.
Thank you!
~Traveler Hawk
Great Cats of the World

Ginette – from Central Texas

I wanted to thank you for everything. In the 2009 season of the Texas Renaissance Festival my daughter got her first REAL garb. You know, something that wasn’t a hand-me-down or made because she would out grow it so fast. The staff at the Texas Renaissance Festival were a great help to both my daughter (now 11 years old) and my husband in finding something just right for her. She looks forward to wearing it every chance she gets!

Dana Burian

I love this place!!! Easy order (worth the coin) Brilliant customer service (you can feel the smile on the phone) and perfict turnaround. Just in time for Rockaway Beach Pirate fest.
The coat is awesome and a perfect fit. I have a new prized possession.

Thank you for the wonderful experience Peter.

5 star stuff!


Kim Hudson

I just received my leather archery bracer and shooting glove. I absolutely love them and cannot wait to use them. Thank you.

Jacob Sudds, PotBM

I just got in my most recent order from Ravenswood and they did not disappoint! My order was up to par with the quality and great service that I’ve come to expect from these artisans. My garb is now more than 80% Ravenswood products and I couldn’t be happier with the route I’ve chosen. As amazing as the craftsmanship and products are, the truly great thing about Ravenswood is their customer service. They are always friendly, always helpful, and always a pleasure to chat with. I should know, I’ve called their store at least a dozen times to ask about products and discuss ideas! Their wares are beyond the highest quality, but it’s their customer service that truly make it all seem like money well spent. HUZZAH FOR RAVENSWOOD!!!


The pouch I ordered arrived in the exact amount of time they said it would. Perfect timing to wear to the Folsom ren faire! It is very well made. Its such good quality, I was very impressed! I’m super happy! I highly recommend you buy from ravenswood. I won’t shop anywhere else!

Joshua Campbell

I just have to say I am in love with the Ranger Jerkin from you guys. At the SCA event Egil’s it was pouring down rain on Saturday night, and that Jerkin kept me warm and dry. As well as being perfect for armor, it was worth every single penny.

Janelle B.

Definitely 10/10! My husband and I commissioned Ravenswood Leather for our reception clothes, as we are having it done at the Renaissance Faire in November. They listened to what we wanted to do, threw around some ideas and modifications, and having items on lay away was excellent!

I have recommended my family and friends to try Ravenswood Leather, telling them that even though the items are a tad pricey, Ravenswood works with their customers, and the quality of the product is worth it!! Definitely hat my husband and I wanted!!!!^_^


My husband and I were renewing our vows at the Texas Renaissance Festival last year and I contacted Ravenswood to make a replica of Faramir’s ranger doublet for him as a surprise. I cannot even begin to say how spectacularly pleased we both were with how it turned out! Their attention to detail was flawless and my husband was thrilled beyond belief! Thanks for helping make a special day even more wonderful!


I got the Archers bracer a few years back for Christmas; and to this day it is still going strong. It is one amazing product. Then after the shooting range I can put it on my right arm like a regular bracer for a bit of sword play. Then Last year I got the 7″ cuff gauntlets. They sure are tuff. I wore them in my high school’s production of Peter Pan. They made me the coolest pirate on stage and gave me a great grip on my sword. Later that year I wore them in a Drama competition where I preformed the end dual from Macbeth. Those things saw some hard work going through endless rehearsals and are still amazing. They have held together where others would have fallen apart and still look amazing. I’m planning on getting the Sherwood bracer very soon.

John Owen

I received my custom order yesterday. I am very pleased with the final product. It is even better looking than I thought it would be. Great Job. Thank you!

Kathy Bugajsky

Absolutely amazing job on the custom order I received today. Insanely impressed with the work. It is a birthday gift for someone who is going to freak out when she gets it. Thank you so much!

Roseanne Urquhart

Thank you, I ordered a baldric and pirate sword for my hubby’s birthday, the workmanship is amazing, so beautifully made, he can’t wait to go to the next festival.
I also ordered the ladies flintlock pistol, which I am extremely impressed, thank you again for your phone calls and excellent customer service.
We will definitely be ordering again.

Anthony De Vito Jr

I just received Ravenswood’s 6″ Elite Warrior Belt and it seems as close to ideal as belts can get.

Jessi Evans

We love our Ravenswood Ranger tunics! Thanks to Reginald for letting us hang out and showing us the awesome tools of his trade! Can’t wait to see y’all again!

Samantha Peterson

As a horsewoman, I’m very familiar with leather. Ravenswood uses quality leather, very much like tack leather. Their fastenings are solid and sturdy, and everything is supple and already broken in. No cardboard or “craptackistan” leather here!

Customer service is always a top priority. I got my order in very short order (~3 weeks) during the Festival season, and all communication with staff was professional and courteous.

I’m very happy, and I will shop again!

Woody Lee Almazan, Woody and Shay Cosplay

The quality and customer service these folks maintain is a cut above all others! I purchased one of your custom jerkins for my Order of X Nightcrawler costume and have not regretted it one bit! Even when one of the buttons fell off, I took it to them and it was repaired within minutes! Hope to do business with you guys again in the future!

Wa Stormrage

wife got here dress in the mail, it looks beautiful and I can’t wait to see her in it on our wedding day coming up this weekend. Thank you to all at Ravenswoodleather.


I am very happy with my purchase. It is fantastic! I have tried several Cavalier hats, but, I am a short person and the other hats I tried looked like Capt. Barbosa. They stuck out way too far. I bought the 4″ black Cavalier and it is prefect for my size. Thank you for offering a great selection.

Joshua “Jawbreaker” Jones

Over the last several years, I have purchased many different items from Ravenswood. My Buccaneer Coat and sidelace pants. Many belts, baldrics and pouches of plenty. They have always done an excellent job in making custom quality garb. When anyone asks about my garb I always send them to Ravenswood. Simply they are the best!

Angela Petty

I just wanted you guys to know that I LOVE the handmuff my Husband bought me for my birthday from you guys, It is GORGEOUS!! I love the amazing craftmanship.

Mariko the Archangel


I received my order waaaaay earlier than I expected and words CANNOT EVEN DESCRIBE how shocked, amazed, and overwhelmed I am with Ravenswood’s craftsmanship. I don’t even know where to begin because I’m afraid my ability to verbalize logically will leave me. So I will make it simple: I CRIED.

You have completely surpassed expectation and I cannot wait to bring the Archangel to life. I will for sure send you photos and of course, will leave you a rave review anywhere I can! I do apologize there may be a bit of waiting on your end as my part in this is still being crafted. That and Bristol isn’t open until July 4th weekend. :(

But thank you thank you thank you A MILLION TIMES THANK YOU for all the kindness and help you and your team has blessed me with. You truly have played a huge part in making my dream come true! If you ever come to Bristol, PLEASE POST IT SOMEWHERE so that I may thank you again in person. :)

Most sincerely and in debtly yours,
(the Archangel)

Roman Van Allen

I’ve ordered many things from Ravenswood over the years and will continue doing so.

* The lifelong quality of each piece.
* A higher level of expert craftsmanship.
* Catering to my neverending customization requests.
* Super friendly staff, both customer facing and internal.

I suppose my best summarization would be that everything is beautiful and forever. Highly recommend!

David Rosenthal

I ordered a Warriors Belt, but needed it specially sized from the Four Inch wide to the Three Inch wide to accommodate my standard work uniform trousers (normally wear an old regimental stable belt). After much back and forth by email and photos exchanged with descriptions the order was placed.
I waited, realizing that I ordered during a busy season; and with much surprise was rewarded with a priority mail package yesterday (21 Nov 16).
Wore the belt to work and got nothing but “NICE!” comments. Gives great support for all the stuff I tend to carry around on crash sites, and the “D” rings are stout enough to support my camera rig while I handle the various measuring devices. Granted, when using the camera I now have places to hook the devices and extra lenses as well.
Am considering ordering another for when I am wearing my black boots… ;)
Very satisfied with the service and the purchase, worth the wait and the money.

Bonnie Murray

I got my lovely Bodice in the mail this morning and it fits like a glove!!!! I would like too thank you for custom fitting it and all the great work on it!!! Pictures to come eventually!!! It is so pretty, happy christmas too me!!!


Great Quality – Great Service

I felt compelled to write this testimonial after having an extremely positive experience with Ravenswood.

The quality of the Saberist jerkin I purchased is just topnotch. In addition to that, I requested a deadline for completion (giving Ravenswood a heads-up via email) and they delivered the goods far earlier than expected, which was greatly appreciated.

Correspondence through email was prompt, professional and friendly.

All-in-all, this has been a great experience. I will certainly buy from Ravenswood again.