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Magyar Bow


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*Smooth draw, ideal for target, hunting or mounted archery.The Magyar bow is best noted for its smooth draw and extremely smooth release and beautiful craftsmanship.  Its less bent limbs produce less string to bow shock, allowing the shooter to maintain consistent marksmanship.We have two Magyar bows IN STOCK, as seen in the images above; a black and a brown: The Black Magyar 41# has a single strike plate, wood inlay siyah, beautiful black suede limb covering with charcoal stitching and black leather grip. The Brown Magyar 45# has a strike plate on both sides, horn inlay siyah, brown leather limbs, light brown leather grip and brown stitching. We accept custom bow orders. These are hand made to your specifications. Use the options to the right to customize your order. Available with Wood or Inlay Horn Siya Leather Color Preference Draw Weight Bows are ordered at the beginning of each month and take 8-10 weeks to arrive from Hungary. Weight Range: 30#-75# (measured at 28") Length Unstrung: 57½" (146 cm) Length Strung: 50 ¾” (128.5 cm) String Length: 48” (122 cm) Avg. Brace Height: 7 ¼” (18.5 cm)

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