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Scythian Bow


Category: Bows, Weapons

*Ideal for adult use for easy target shooting.  It has a smooth draw,  and easy release. Our Scythian Adult bow is perfect for people who want a basic bow with a low draw weight that still allows for a full adult draw length.

Available with Wood or Inlay Horn Siya
Leather Color Preference
Draw Weight

Bows are ordered at the beginning of each month and take 8-10 weeks to arrive from Hungary.

  • Weight Range: 20#-40#  (measured at 28")
  • Length Unstrung: 55" (139.7 cm)
  • Length Strung: 51¾” (131.4 cm)
  • String Length: 48” (122 cm)
  • Avg. Brace Height: 7” (17.5 cm)

Due to the one-of-a-kind nature of our bows, our inventory is always changing. Please call to order: (541) 830-3577
We also accept custom bow orders, hand-crafted to your specifications.

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