Leather Lady Sith



Elite Warrior Belt – 4″ Ladies

The Ladies Warrior Leather Belt is comfortably contoured to fit the female hips and features d-rings along the bottom to accommodate our frogs and accessories....

From: $155.00

nightingale harness

Harness Nightingale

Powerful, unique, and versatile, the Nightingale Harness adds a splash of boldness to every outfit. This flexible, functional addition to your wardrobe easily takes you...

From: $69.95

Riding Hood Falcon Dress: custom Victorian leather dress

Riding Hood Falcon Dress

Slay wolves, giants, and dragons in the Riding Hood Falcon Dress! Inspired by Victorian era double-breasted coats, this custom leather garb boasts a flattering V-line...

From: $739.00

womens sidelace pants

Women’s Sidelace Pants

Our Women's Sidelace Pants are practical custom leather pants that provide comfort and style whether riding, sword fighting, or simply strolling about town. This garb...

From: $396.00

Talon Bracers-Womens

Women’s Talon Bracers

The Women's Talon Bracers are perfect for archery, armor, or daily support. These incredibly comfortable guards consist entirely of garment leather. This soft, supple weight...

From: $90.00