Women's Clothing

Ravenswood Leather makes unique women’s clothing using only the highest quality leather, tailored to give a perfect bespoke fit to each and every item.

  • Coats & Jackets

    Coats & Jackets (10)

    Add a little flair of Renaissance style to your wardrobe with a unique hand crafted women's leather coat or jacket of unmatched quality.
  • Leather Bodices

    Leather Bodices (21)

    We offer custom-made leather bodices and corsets, for any occasion and look. Perfect for a Renaissance Faire or as a base for any outfit. Whether you wear it with a decadent blouse or comfy jeans, these bodices are your go-to pieces for any occasion.
  • Leather Dresses

    Leather Dresses (23)

    Our custom-made leather dresses offer a unique feel and look you won't find anywhere else. As versatile as they are comfortable, our leather dresses never fail to impress wherever you find yourself.
  • Leather Pants for Women

    Leather Pants for Women (2)

    Whether you need leather pants for horseback riding, motorcycling, Renaissance faires, a cosplay outfit, or daily wear, we have the perfect pair of custom-made women's leather pants for you.