Leather Spiderman Noir

Spiderman Noir

This Spiderman Noir is our classic  Cronos Jerkin in sexy black with silver webbing embroidery on the shoulders and a huge spidey logo on the chest. The matching bracers are Talon and also feature wrap-around silver web embroidery. The custom skullcap with goggles really makes this set shine.


Cronos Jerkin

Soar among friend or foe in the Cronos jerkin! This incredible custom leather vest has an asymmetrical front closure that cuts a commanding and distinct...

From: $449.00

Fingerless No Shock Glove

Fingerless No Shock Gloves

These genuine leather fingerless no shock gloves feature high quality gel pads in the palm. This padding reduces vibrations for maximum comfort no matter how...

From: $22.95

talon brown crossed

Men’s Talon Bracers

The Men's Talon Bracers are perfect for archery, armor, or daily support. These incredibly comfortable guards consist entirely of garment leather. This soft, supple weight...

From: $105.00