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Assassin Saint Bodice Dress: custom leather tailcoat dress

Assassin Saint Bodice Dress

The Assassin Saint Bodice Dress is an essential piece for any Lady Rogue! Inspired by Victorian Era tailcoats, this custom leather dress features a flattering...

From: $469.00

horseman style 1 brown

Horseman Pouch

This handy Horseman pouch is large enough to carry a cell phone, keys, your wallet with enough room for a silver and gold pouch loaded...

From: $45.00


Valkyrie Warrior Belt – Women’s

The Valkyrie Warrior Belt is our newest and most stylish Warrior belt with an asymmetrical front design and more leather and color options. The Valkyrie...

From: $149.00

womens sidelace pants

Women’s Sidelace Pants

Our Women's Sidelace Pants are practical custom leather pants that provide comfort and style whether riding, sword fighting, or simply strolling about town. This garb...

From: $396.00

talon brown crossed

Women’s Talon Bracers

The Women's Talon Bracers are perfect for archery, armor, or daily support. These incredibly comfortable guards consist entirely of garment leather. This soft, supple weight...

From: $90.00