Leather Sub-Zero CosPlay


One of the all-time favorites and most requested Cosplay outfits. It starts with a hooded Ranger Jerkin that is a perfect the base for this cosplay, add a 6″ warrior belt and a few pouches and the Elite Assassin Baldric to hold it all together. While not an Archer, the Sherwood Bracers make a nice match for the cold assassin.

Assassin Baldric-Elite

Assassin Baldric – Elite

This impressive Sword Baldric is ideal for carrying nearly any sword on your back. The buckle closure allows for a wide range of adjustments for...

From: $99.00

Knights Pouch

Knights Pouch

The Knight's Pouch, one of our best sellers, has a pull string of leather - blousing the top into a tight fold (so as not...

From: $30.00

Sherwood Bracer 2

Men’s Sherwood Archery Bracer

The Sherwood Archery Bracer Introducing our Best Selling Sherwood Archery Bracer, a fusion of soft comfort and robust support, designed for the discerning archer. This...

From: $59.00


Ranger Jerkin

The Ranger Jerkin is the perfect piece for the expert marksman in your party. Sport this custom hooded leather vest on your next hunting quest,...

From: $669.00


Ranger Warrior Belt – 6″ Men’s

Ranger Warrior Belt - 6" Men's The powerful Ranger Warrior Belt - 6" Men's is a solution for more convenience and the utmost comfort in...

From: $165.00