Ravenswood Leather Modular System for Flexibility.

Ravenswood Leather builds products that are not only beautifully crafted, but are designed for real world use. Form must follow function, and our gear is built for mud and blood. Our exclusive modular approach is testament to this philosophy. All of our warrior belts, baldrics, saberist belts, among others, make sure that the d-rings are placed precisely the same distance apart. This provides flexibility to use any of our hundreds of types of weapon hangers, frogs for any loadout you need. With so many possibilities our modular products are sure to be an essential part of your kit, whatever your needs are.

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Ladies Warrior Belt We have several different styles of the modular Warrior Belts for every occasion.

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Modular Belts & Accessories

Modular Accessories for the Warrior Belt We have a massive assortment of accessories; pouches, holsters, weapon hangers, and utility hangers to clip onto .

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