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History of Ravenswood Leather

Reginald Hastings founded Ravenswood Leather in 1989, Over the years, Ravenswood Leather has gone through many transformations, before becoming the joyful endeavor that it is today. From saddle and tack repair to quickdraw hosters, sword belts and sheaths to motorcycle and motocross gear, from historical reproductions and armor to fantasy costumes and streetwear. As a result, we have quite a lot of experience to build on each time we get an idea for a new product line. Ravenswood Leather had been supplying for Renaissance Faires and Scottish Games for many years, but did not start attending them until the early 1990s. With products suitable for many historical reenactment venues, we now attend such events throughout the western states and as far East as Georgia.

Over the years, Ravenswood has grown both physically and figuratively. For many years, Reginald worked to maintain the business on his own, but as it grew, the need for employees became more and more evident. We currently have a group of wonderful full-time employees. Reginald often creates faster than the crew can keep up with! In 2006 we made our first jump into the longer running shows, with the Texas Renaissance Festival, which runs for 8 weekends in October and November. We built a 3000 square foot, two story building in booth space 326 and added our second booth #268 Ravenswood Armoury accross the street. In 2012 The Ravenswood Leather flagship store openned in Central point at 5104 Crater Lake Avenue, boasting our new showroom and manufacturing facility.

Reginald has built this company to be a family oriented business, with products for children as well as adults. Having three children of his own the kids go periodically to events. The two youngest children, Reginald II and Jeremiah enjoy the opportunity to dress up in their leather outfits and swordfight with each other. Reginald II is also one of our best salesmen, as he is always happy and willing to be of assistance. Jeremiah is currently more focused on the merchandising aspect of our business, making sure all of our products are well organized and displayed.

And of course, we could not have come so far without the help of our wonderful crew. Such an amazings and fine group of individuals formed into the Ravenswood family.
That is, more or less, the history of Ravenswood Leather. Naturally, it does not detail the trials and tribulations all small businesses go through when developing, but suffice to say it has only made us stronger and reinforced our faith. We are so blessed and lucky to be doing what we truly love. We hope that our joy in our work and pride in our quality spills over to you, our friends and customers. Over the years we have received unbelievable support and encouragement from our patrons and now is as good a time as any to say, "Thank you so very much." We are excited to see those of you that we know this coming year and we look forward to meeting those of you who only know us by website or reputation. Live Dangerously, Live Ravenswood

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