Gods - Men's


Cronos Jerkin

Soar among friend or foe in the Cronos jerkin! This incredible custom leather vest has an asymmetrical front closure that cuts a commanding and distinct...

From: $449.00


Helios Jerkin

Drive your radiant chariot across the sky in the Helios Jerkin! This beautifully custom tailored leather doublet cuts dramatic lines from any angle. Whether you're...

From: $449.00


Kestrel Jerkin

The Kestrel Jerkin sports a long, slimming silhouette that flatters any shape. Its simple elegance makes it the ideal custom leather vest for any lad,...

From: $449.00


Orion Jerkin

Slay dragons and maiden's hearts in the Orion Jerkin! This custom leather vest boasts amazing detail from all angles. The completely removable front panel creates...

From: $549.00


Poseidon Long Coat

Summon the power of sea gods in the Poseidon Long Coat! This striking custom leather long coat sculpts strong lines to create a tailored trench...

From: $829.00


Thanos Jerkin

Take control of infinite power in the Thanos jerkin! This custom leather double-breasted vest can adapt from galactic warfare to everyday formal wear with the...

From: $459.00