Jerkin Knights

Knights - Men's


Archer Jerkin

The Archer Jerkin is the perfect blend of custom function and style for the everyday gentleman. This leather vest boasts a rolling collar that wraps...

From: $379.00


Corvus Coat

The Corvus Coat is a handsome piece for any occasion, whether you're riding cross country, hiking in the wilderness, or just taking in the sights...

From: $659.00


Highwayman Long Coat

The Highwayman Long Coat can travel the world! This traditional yet stylish custom leather trench coat will keep you warm and cozy in all weather...

From: $989.00


Knight Jerkin

The Knight Jerkin is a garb essential! This incredible custom leather doublet is a versatile for any knight or swordsman. Attractive and tailor-fit, the button-up...

From: $369.00


Knight Surcoat

Grab your helmet and your broadsword, we are off to the battlefield in the Knight Surcoat! This particolor custom medieval leather garb shows off your...

From: $489.00


Saberist Jerkin

As a part of our Knight Series, our Saberist Jerkin offers the simple elegance of an asymmetrical cut while allowing all the customization you’ve come...

From: $389.00